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The Bridge

Mostar is a divided city. It’s divided by a river – the Neretva – but also by post-war nationalism. The West side of the river is the Croat side – which flies Croatian flags, sells only Croatian beer, and has … Continue reading

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Photo posts here from now on.

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What I did today.

I needed a haircut. The last person to cut my hair was Andrea, the last time I was in Berlin. That was…November. It really was horrendous. I asked Majda where she gets her hair cut, and asked if she could … Continue reading

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A post for JJ


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My most recent vice

I may drink too much Bosnian coffee.

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The Reward

There’s only one thing that can warm you up after jumping into the pool beneath the Kravice waterfalls, and it’s rakija.

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Neretva Blues

My new favourite colour is the colour of the Neretva river. Capturing it with my camera is proving difficult.

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