Yo Harper! WTF?

I’ve been removed from Canadian politics for a little while, so can someone please answer the following: Why did we have an election again?
It caught me off guard to hear Harper had called one, and because there is no press coverage of it over here, and I have limited internet time,  I tried to glean information from Canadian tourists who came into the pub. Why are we having an election? I asked them.  Most them shrugged, or rolled their eyes.

One couple (they were from Ottawa, so I definitely wanted their opinion) said they thought Harper wanted a chance at a majority before the Americans elect a Democrat in November. It made sense.

I don’t know what elections cost – somewhere in the vicinity of eleventy billion I’d imagine – and at a time of world-wide economic collapse, did we really just spend all that time and money to give Harper a little ego-stroke? If so, thank you Canadians for delivering another minority parliament. ‘Hey Harper!’, says Canada. ‘We don’t really like you that much, we just don’t have a good enough alternative to you yet. Here’s your minority. DEAL WITH IT.’

Now perhaps our fish-eyed, sweater-vested leader can get back to doing the job that has been grudgingly given him, and make sure Canada doesn’t go the way of the United States, Iceland and, increasingly, the UK, instead of whining about how his minority government isn’t working for him. It’s what Canadians want you to have, sir. Make it work.



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I like Saskatchewan fine, but am hitting the road soon anyway. First on the itinerary: Portugal, England, Ireland, then England again. I have Yellow Fever immunity, a pending visa, and a blank passport, and can't promise anything.
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One Response to Yo Harper! WTF?

  1. Karla says:

    it was only $300 million ( better spent elsewhere I’d say!)

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